Welcome Todd Tritsch!


Welcome Todd Tritsch, Instructional Designer and Training Consultant

 Our clients want a competitive advantage when it comes to the training and development for their employees, clients, members and subscribers. It used to be that an engaging instructor with a polished PowerPoint was the key to client satisfaction. But today’s instructional designers are skilled in engaging web-based training programs adaptable to all electronic devices, as well as strategic content creation that aligns with business goals and outcomes. For that very reason, we are pleased to welcome Todd Tritsch, from Salt Lake City, as a member of the New Leaf Communications Group!

Todd has developed complete training programs and consulted for a broad range of clients and employers, including American Express, Bank of America, HSBC and the Mars Corporation. His specialties range from full scale learning curricula and virtual webinars, to innovative ‘Minute Minders’ – quick bits of training suitable for websites and newsletters. Be sure to read his recent white paper, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Customers.”

In this photo, Todd welcomes June Sadie, the newest member of his family. Read more about Todd here.


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