Greetings from New Leaf West!


Over the past week I had the pleasure of working from New Leaf West, home office of Cindy The Magnificent. Many of you know Cindy. She’s our Secret Weapon–the one who single-handedly manages New Leaf’s office functions and keeps us running like a well-oiled machine.

Where, you ask, is New Leaf West? This IS Vegas, Baby! And lest you think I’m kidding, Elvis is MOST CERTAINLY in the building (see photo!) …

This trip was spurred by a client referral from a long-time colleague. I’m confident the New Leaf Group can fill the marketing and communication gaps for this US manufacturer and help them cultivate their brand expression.

As I listened to their story, two recurring themes emerged: 1) The need for better writing (along with a content strategy), and 2) A cry for open communication when it comes to work in progress.  Wow. Shame on our industry of Creative Services and Marketing Communications providers if we don’t fulfill these basic needs!

The New Leaf Group will work diligently to earn their trust, as we do what we do best–to inspire and deliver! In the past week, we received two more referrals from our golden network, which brings me to the main point of this post (yes, get to the point, Natalie! …). We just want to say, “Thank You!” to Nicole, Krysti and Laura this week, and thanks to so many others from weeks past. Thank you for your vote of confidence in the New Leaf Communications Group. You have our solemn oath to do our very best to exceed expectations. We know that our success is intricately woven to our network, and we will be on the lookout for ways to return the favor.

Viva Las Vegas!

PS – I found a top-notch embroidery provider in Las Vegas, if you need shirts or caps. All work is done on-premise.




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