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The New Leaf Communications Group is a full-service marketing agency specializing in brand development and expression for mid-size manufacturing, financial and professional services.


Take a moment to meet the group - some of us have worked together for decades. Our bench strength runs deep in all facets of marketing and communications.

We're in the business of inspiration, and we're passionate about our work!
Natalie Scholberg
Chief Leaf

After 15 years working in field sales for manufacturers and distributors, I grew weary of driving around with a carful of ineffective and untouched sales materials. I decided I’d like to be one of those marketing gurus developing sales promotions and campaigns that were relevant. Fifteen years later, I would argue that the real gurus are the ones who take the time and energy to run alongside the customer and really LISTEN. We do this. Then, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Erica Cleveland
Graphic Design

To me, being a designer means helping a client figure out how to visually express their desired message, not with my flair, but with theirs. I enjoy each new challenge as if it is a jigsaw puzzle—piece by piece it always comes together. It’s like being a part of the stage crew behind the velvet curtain—I get just as excited when a client is proud of their new design and shows it off to the public.

Wanda Speer
Brand Strategy

I am a marketer at heart and a passionate brand evangelist. I’ve spent the vast majority of my career helping companies grow their brands. Whether we’re talking personal brand, product or corporate brand, I absolutely love collaborating with people to identify, personify and bring their brand to life! I carry with me a unique marketing perspective, having worked on the agency, vendor and corporate sides of the business. From high-level marketing strategy and brand development, to the roll-up-your- sleeves tactical stuff like copy, design and production, I enjoy position-playing for New Leaf and achieving excellence for my clients.


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